National Jump Rope Grading Programme

You can now go online to submit videos of you jumping rope for grading!

Team Singapore in the China Open 2019 held in Gu'an, China from 9-14 October 2019. Won Bronze for 15 and above Mixed Gender Pair Freestyle and Double Dutch Single Freestyle. Well Done Team!

National Federation for Sport of Jump Rope/ Rope Skipping In Singapore Recognized

Sport Singapore Acknowledged

Jump Rope Federation Singapore 

as theNational Federation for the sport of jump rope/ rope skipping in Singapore. 

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Sport Singapore Acknowledgement



International Jump Rope Union becomes 10th GAISF Observer

MOU signed between Singapore, Thailand,

Malaysia, Hong Kong, India for the recognition of each organization as the governing body of the sport of jump rope, rope skipping in it's country.

It was a great success for the Asia and Pacific Jump Rope Federation Coaching & Judging Course held in Malaysia K.L. Over 70 participants from 7 Asia countries took part in this course.


Jump Rope Courses & Events 

Introduction to Jump Rope Workshop

(This is the prerequisite to the Basic Level Jump Rope Coaching Course.)

Check back later for the next coming workshop.

Level 1 Speed Judge Workshop

This free workshop will be resheduled to a later date due to Covid-19. Check back later.

Conducted by: Jump Rope Federation SIngapore

Course Fee: FREE


Basic Level Jump Rope Coaching Course

4 and 11 April 2020, 2 Saturdays

(Details to be confirmed, please check

back later)

This free course will be resheduled to a later date due to Covid-19. Check back later.

Conducted by: Jump Rope Federation SIngapore


The Singapore National Jump Rope Championship (SNJRC) is back for it’s 4th and will be a special Online Edition to bringing more opportunities for everyone to showcase their crafts and talents. This year in view of the COVID-19 situation, Singapore National Jump Rope Championship will not be a public event like the past 3 editions. The National School Games has been suspended due to the COVID-19 and many athletes who had been training hard were not given a chance to experience the excitement of competition and showcase their talent and potential. To fulfill the enthusiasm and passion of all our local jump rope athletes and to support the safety measures implemented by Ministry of Heath and other agencies, we will bring the 4th edition of SNJRC online. Jump Rope Federation Singapore (JRFS) want all jump rope athletes to stay safe to participate in this Special Edition of SNJRC

How it works:
Online Championship:
Athletes can submit videos of themselves doing Speed events or Freestyle routines to JRFS for assessment and grading.

SPEED Assessment:
Judges will conduct speed judging just like during an actual competition. However there will be no competition between athletes. Awards will be given to athletes based on their scores of their speed events.

Judges will conduct freestyle judging just like an actual competition. However there will be no competition between athletes. Awards will be given to athletes basing on their scores of their freestyle routine.


For full information and registration details, Click Here

To Register

Step 1: Fill up the registration form
Step 2: Scan the QR code below to access the google link to submit the registration form and videos.






Jump Rope Federation Singapore is proud and happy to announce that we have officially been accepted into the sole international federation for the sport of jump rope/ rope skipping globally, International Jump Rope Union (IJRU).  We are also honoured to be recommended by IJRU by as the National Governing Body for the sport of jump rope/ rope skipping in Singapore.

A message from our President

Click Here

We are proud to announce the following achievements by Team Singapore Jump Rope/ Rope Skipping in the ASEAN Jump Rope Championship/ Thailand Open Jump Rope Championship & Double Dutch Contest Thailand 2018 in Bangkok Thailand from 29 November to 2 December 2018.

ASEAN Jump Rope Championship 2018 - 11 Gold, 14 Silver, 5 Bronze

THAILAND OEPN CHAMPIONSHIP - 3 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze

Double Dutch Contest Thailand Volume 1 -  3 Gold, 1 Silver

Congratulation to The National Team for the outstanding achievements!

President of Jump Rope Federation Singapore was invited to

Prime Minister's Appreciation Tea Reception. He had an opportunity to 

share with our Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong on the Sport of Jump Rope and Jump Rope Federation Singapore.

Jump Rope Federation Singapore is a Full member of the International Governing Body for Sport of Jump Rope/ Rope Skipping, 

World Jump Rope Federation(WJRF) 

To make Singapore proud in the sport of Jump Rope and to promote the sport to more Singaporeans. We need tremendous support from all. If you think you are able to commit your time to support the Federation by being part of us or sponsor us in any form,please talk to us. 

As a non-profit and registered charity organization. We need resources to grow the sport in Singapore, to help our jumpers to achieve their DREAMS and to hold successful Events and Championships. By donating to us, not only you will help grow the sport, you EMPOWER the jumpers too.

© 2020 by Jump Rope Federation Singapore. 

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