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Jump Rope Federation Singapore (JRFS) is the National Federation (NGB) for jump rope / rope skipping & Double Dutch in Singapore, a member of the sole international federation, International Jump Rope Union and  recognised by Sport Singapore. JRFS is a registered sports charity with the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth (MCCY) and the sports charity governance, Sport Singapore (SportSG). Our aim is to promote jump rope and encourage people of all ages to pick up the sport. Since 2013, Jump Rope Federation Singapore has organised many competitions, events and workshops and created many opportunities for rope jumpers of all ages to showcase their talents and potentials.

President of JRFS, Mr. Don Lui with

Chairman of WJRF, Mr. Shaun Hamilton

JRFS Representing Singapore in a meeting organised by 

Asia Pacific Jump Rope Federation with representatives from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia.

President of JRFS with

Chairman of WJRF, Chairman of HKRSF and President of Thailand Jump Rope Association

To serve as the governing body for the sport of Jump Rope/ Rope Skipping/ Double Dutch in Singapore with the best interests of the sport, athletes, coaches and officials.


To promote the sport of Jump Rope in Singapore both recreationally and competitively.

To develop and ensure progressive growth of participation in the sport of Jump Rope recreationally and competitively.

To facilitate the development of National Jump Rope Athletes.

To facilitate the development of professional Jump Rope coaches and officials in Singapore.


  • To be responsible for all aspects of the sport of jump rope/ rope skipping/ Double Dutch in Singapore. 

  • To promote the sport of jump rope / rope skipping and the development of the jump rope culture in Singapore.

  • To provide appropriate administrative structure and services for the functioning of the sport in Singapore. 

  • To maintain an official list of national records

  • To undertake proceedings against any individuals or group in Singapore who may have violated the rules of the International / National Federation and to impose sanctions where appropriate.


  • To maintain good relations with and provide appropriate information to athletes and other members of the sport fraternity in Singapore.

  • To maintain good relations with governmental, sporting, business and other organisations which have an interest in the sport of jump rope/ rope skipping or may be of assistance to the Federation.

  • To maintain good relations with the media to ensure a positive promotion of the sport and our activities.


  • To promote the development of a programme of competitions to meet the need of it's athletes.

  • To select and organise teams to participate in international competitions.

  • To provide official sanctions for competitions including those organised by other agencies.

Facilities and Equipment:

  • To ensure that competition venues and equipments meet technical specification mandated by national or international rules.

  • To provide guidances to the specifications of all jump rope/ rope skipping equipment.

Officials and Coaches:

  • To oversee the recruitment, training, certification and control of the sport's officials and coaches required to carry out the programmes and activities of the sport in Singapore.

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