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Jump Rope Federation Singapore is committed to the education of all own athletes, coaches and crews about the dangers and consequences associated with the usage of prohibited substances to maintain a drug-free sport. We will work in closely and collaborate with Anti Doping Singapore and the Sport Singapore in accordance to the rules and guidelines provided from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

 Anti-Doping Singapore

Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) was established by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in 2010 as the national anti-doping organisation for Singapore to promote and support the eradication of doping in sport in Singapore, as well as to fulfill its commitment to the implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code.

ADS' primary responsibilities are to:

  • Plan, coordinate and implement an effective doping control programme;

  • Advocate doping-free sport in Singapore through education programmes;

  • Monitor National Sports Associations for their compliance with the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore, the ADS Anti-Doping Rules, and the WADA Code;

  • Pursue all potential anti-doping rule violations within its jurisdiction;

  • Encourage reciprocal testing between national anti-doping organisations; and

  • Promote anti-doping research.

Together with Sport Singapore, ADS strives to complement the World Anti Doping Agency's (WADA) efforts in its fight against doping in sport and promote the values of "Friendship, Solidarity, and Fair Play".

Visit Anti-Doping Singapore website for more information.

List of prohibited substances provided by WADA.

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