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Singapore National Jump Rope Grading Programme

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The National Jump Rope Grading programme was introduced in July 2018 by the National Federation for the sport of Jump Rope/ Rope Skipping, Jump Rope Federation Singapore (JRFS).


The grading programme consists of 3 levels of 9 progressive stages, comprising of about 8 to 16 sessions of lesson time each. Essential jump rope skills and techniques are taught in each stage, working progressively towards the next stage. This programme is suitable for all ages and levels of abilities.


At the end of each stage, each participant will receive a stage completion certificate indicating his/ her individual skill achievements. A badge will be awarded upon the completion of each stage. In addition, every participant can be awarded with a collar pin upon completion of each intermediate and advance grade.


The programme aims to teach participants foundation to advance jump rope skills and techniques require to become a proficient jump rope athlete. 

It also prepare them mentally and physically for challenges, competitions and to move our jump rope sport towards higher standard.

We aim to grow interest and participation in both recreational and competitive jump rope. We also hope to make the learning of jump rope more fun and rewarding.

For more information and to take part in the grading programme, please contact us at

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