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1.1            ELIGIBILITY


Athletes shall be eligible for selection for any of the Singapore Jump Rope/ Rope Skipping National Teams if they meet the criteria below:


    •    Citizenship (for Olympic events (i.e. SEA Games/Asian Games): Athlete must be a national of the Singapore at the time of selection and               hold a valid Singapore passport; or


    •    minimum has competed in the Annual Singapore National Jump Rope Championship and achieved top 3 position in any event (for                       applicable Asia Jump Rope or World Jump Rope events):


    •    Other requirements (if any):


    •    Athlete must be a member in good standing of JRFS and not subject to any disciplinary action or investigation. Athlete must be training at            competitive level and clock 75% of annual training time with their team.




Unless otherwise directed by JRFS, nominations should be made through the athlete’s club/school.


If an athlete wishes to be considered for selection but is unable to participate in the selection events due to extenuating circumstances, he/she may submit a request to be considered through his/her club/school representative (or where he/she is not represented by a club/school, on his/her own) accompanied by all relevant material supporting her request (e.g. videos, testimonials).


The classification of such extenuating circumstances and the selection of such athletes will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Selection Panel.


At any stage in the selection process, the selectors may in their discretion select a person who is not otherwise under consideration. This may occur in circumstances such as illness, newly available athletes or otherwise but in such selections, the selectors will always apply the selection criteria set out in this policy.

Athletes who are not currently affiliated with any club/school at the time of selection may apply to the Technical Director to be considered under 1.2 of this Selection Policy. 


Any selected athlete may be removed from the selected training squad and/or Singapore Jump Rope/ Rope Skipping National Team if he/she:

  • breaches or fails to observe this selection policy, the JRFS Constitution or the Jump Rope International Federation Laws & Regulations;

  • by reason of illness or injury is unable to perform to the required standard in the opinion of the coaching staff;

  • breaches or fails to fulfil a requirement of the JRFS, World Jump Rope or related international Federation’s Anti-

    Doping Policy;

  • breaches or fails to comply, fulfil and observe the requirements in the team code of conduct and/or protocols; and/or

  • is ineligible for selection as advised by the JRFS (for medical, disciplinary and/or any other reasons).

    Any athlete may be removed from the squad by the selectors in consultation with the Head Coach or the Technical Director as circumstances may require including where the athlete has failed to sustain his/her performance and attitude to a satisfactory level, provided that the required performance levels had first been discussed with the athlete and he/she had been given the opportunity to rectify such issues.

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