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Sanction Purpose

FOR ATHLETES – In order for any results from any championship or competition (both local and overseas organiser)  to be recognised, the championship or competition needs to be sanctioned by Jump Rope Federation Singapore. JRFS also provides a platform to mediate any feedback or appeal of event organisation or results.

FOR JUDGES – To provide opportunities for the local judges to exercise their knowledge and techniques, all sanctioned events will have certified judges from JRFS to assist with judging.

FOR EVENT ORGANIZERS – Jump Rope Federation Singapore can  provides and

licenses the holding of a jump rope/ rope skipping event in Singapore, following the       international Jump Rope rules and regulations of the sport and to provide a safe environment for the participants and spectators. Once your event is approved and sanctioned, the benefits includes official recognition of records, and more promoted as it’s included in JRFS social media and website calendar.


How to apply

You can submit your sanction request to JRFS via

Any further questions, do contact +65 9337 5850.

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